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Category: Societal issues

All things related to issues involving society in some form.

South Africa and Free Higher Education

The last while in South Africa has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Our country is on the verge of junk status. Investor confidence is lower than it has ever been in South African history and our people are fed up. Marches against government choices, service delivery, education etc almost always turn violent in some form and there is always some form of the race card pulled. It is a very sad time in our beautiful country and it saddens me.

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A Little Letter To Vodacom

Dear Vodacom

I’ve recently had the unfortunate experience of having, what has probably been, the worst support from Vodacom I’ve ever had. To be honest it has left me fairly disappointed as Vodacom is a provider I’ve always preferred and would always chose over others. In my mind I’ve always seen Vodacom as the one that’s a bit more expensive because the level of service is better than others. Better coverage, better support, better repair procedures etc.

My latest experience has left me doubting that.

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Disability Ignorance Leads To The Darkside

Phew. What a crazy last part of the year. I haven’t had a chance to blog in far too long. I’m nowhere near a PC right now and am writing this from my tablet. So it won’t be pretty with pictures and stuff but please, read this one through. I feel it’s important and deserves some time out of our busy holiday lives. The intro is a little long but bear with it as it’s part of the overall picture.

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