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Author: Llewellyn Crossley

I enjoy words. I may not be too good at putting them together and may need a trip to the school for people "Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too" (Such as writing) but I want a place to share my thoughts and well... here I am.

I am depressed – And that’s OKAY

I am depressed – And that’s OKAY.

It seems like such a counterintuitive statement. An oxymoron of sorts. Depression affects a lot of folks in life and in varying degrees of severity. But one thing makes depression the same for all. The need to feel accepted and that they are heard.

Sometimes however that need gets too loud and overbearing… towards others.

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Hardware Review: Huawei Y6

Huawei has recently come out with some very impressive phones. They seem to be targeting mainly the mid and entry level markets but have a few high range units in for good measure. The Huawei Y6, launched in July 2015, seems to be taking the attack directly to the entry and almost mid range 5inch display market. Being a Dual Sim device doesn’t hurt either.

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A Little Letter To Vodacom

Dear Vodacom

I’ve recently had the unfortunate experience of having, what has probably been, the worst support from Vodacom I’ve ever had. To be honest it has left me fairly disappointed as Vodacom is a provider I’ve always preferred and would always chose over others. In my mind I’ve always seen Vodacom as the one that’s a bit more expensive because the level of service is better than others. Better coverage, better support, better repair procedures etc.

My latest experience has left me doubting that.

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Virtual insurance isn’t that crazy an idea for MGSV (UPDATED)

So recently Konami revealed that they are launching virtual insurance packages for their FOBs in online multiplayer. Naturally the internet, myself included, exploded a little. But after the initial laughing and pointing fingers was over I actually stopped to consider this and it’s not actually too crazy an idea.

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