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So apparently every good blogger should have an about page. And I generally have nothing interesting to say about myself. So I asked others to give me quotes to put here. Like some awesome Best Seller book being given the thumbs up by critics! This is such a good idea!

Talks a lot. Says little
-Admiral Chief

Awes…. wait…..

You’re a lanky ba*d

I’m wondering if this was a good idea…..

Dance Master 2000

Well…. urm ok?
errr…uhhhh…. potato!
Um… Nice and insightful? I guess?

The baby is mine?

Yeah I’m not even sure that’s about me?

You are the beef

Much better man

You post quite a lot on twitter

Well, I guess I do? It’s not a lie…..¬†Ok, so Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I should have written something about myself instead. Oh well.