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Month: September 2015

Cyber bullying affects everyone (UPDATED)

Cyber Bullying

A blight on the online community and something that seems to be reaching a peak at the moment. Far too often we see people being driven off of social media and being threatened with physical abuse. It’s often bad enough for people to fear for their safety. Attacks like these are particularly bad against woman and that’s why the UN has recently released a report on violence against woman online.

But should we be focusing on specific gender when tackling online violence?

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Microtransactions and Persistent Online: Destructive Relationship

We all know that one couple right? The one that always make a get together uncomfortable? They are overzealous with their public affection, they fight constantly and usually ends in the one storming out? You know who I’m talking about… Why, Microtransactions and Persistent Online of course.
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Yearly Releases are not amazing games

Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, Fifa….¬†These games all have a common denominator: they are released year on year without fail to huge amounts of hype and fanfare. Are these games really worth all the hype though and can they actually be a quality product in this day and age where broken games are released as a norm?

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When ports go bad

Ports, when you hear the word what do you think of? If you thought “Boats” or “Alcohol” then I’ve got bad news for you. This is not the port you are looking for. However, if you thought “Ugh, please no. Just pull the game off the shelves right now” then you know exactly what¬†port I am referring too.

So what’s the business of ports and why does it leave a sour taste in a person’s mouth?

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