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South Africa and Free Higher Education

The last while in South Africa has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. Our country is on the verge of junk status. Investor confidence is lower than it has ever been in South African history and our people are fed up. Marches against government choices, service delivery, education etc almost always turn violent in some form and there is always some form of the race card pulled. It is a very sad time in our beautiful country and it saddens me.

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I am depressed – And that’s OKAY

I am depressed – And that’s OKAY.

It seems like such a counterintuitive statement. An oxymoron of sorts. Depression affects a lot of folks in life and in varying degrees of severity. But one thing makes depression the same for all. The need to feel accepted and that they are heard.

Sometimes however that need gets too loud and overbearing… towards others.

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Hardware Review: Huawei Y6

Huawei has recently come out with some very impressive phones. They seem to be targeting mainly the mid and entry level markets but have a few high range units in for good measure. The Huawei Y6, launched in July 2015, seems to be taking the attack directly to the entry and almost mid range 5inch display market. Being a Dual Sim device doesn’t hurt either.

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